Shawn Mendes: In Wonder – Initial Exploratory

Design exploratory for the Netflix Original film Shawn Mendes: In Wonder. Directed by Grant Singer. These frames are from our initial creative pitch and how we began the visual exploratory process. The final film ended up with minimal and clean titles, but we still love a few of our original ideas.

Boost – Mocha Commercial Campaign

TVC & Social Campaign for Boost Nutritional Drinks. Production included CG bottle creation, CG coffee bean and chocolate creation/simulation, as well as a CG bar graph. Created at Union Editorial.

The Go Go’s – Showtime

Main title sequence design for the 2020 Showtime feature documentary "The Go Go's." Created at Union Editorial. Directed by Alison Ellwood.

Dulcolax Chews – TVC

Design and animation for a Dulcolax TVC. With production occurring during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we use an old spot with a different Dulcolax product as a template. CG models replace older live-action product photography. Created at Union Editorial.

The Devil Next Door – Netflix

Main title sequence and map animation for the Netflix series "The Devil Next Door," a documentary series exploring the trial of John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian immigrant in Ohio accused of being an infamous Treblinka death camp guard called "Ivan the Terrible." Created at Union Editorial with Kamaur Bonfield.

Who Killed Malcolm X – Netflix & Fusion TV

Main title sequence and show design/animation for the Netflix series "Who Killed Malcolm X." Created at Union Editorial with Junsik Na, Jun Lee, Sean Vickery, and Kamaur Bonfield.

Who Killed Malcolm X – Exploratory

Pitch frames for a Netflix series investigating the assassination of Malcolm X. Created at Union Editorial with Jun Lee.

Aurora – Kinetic Sculpture Exploratory

3D design and exploratory for a live kinetic sculpture: An array of LEDs suspended from the ceiling with light and movement generated by aurora footage and live human interaction. These animation tests use actual Northern Lights to generate color and light.

Microsoft – Women’s Day

Microsoft commercials created at Union Editorial with Eric Dalimarta. Edit by Sloane Klevin and Adriana Machado. Winner of Silver Lion @ Cannes 2016. Director: Nanette Burstein.

Everything is Copy – HBO Films

Main titles, design, and animation for the HBO documentary film on the life of Norah Ephron. Created at Union Editorial with Junsik Na and Jun Lee. The film is nominated for 2 Emmys in 2016.