The Devil Knows Exploratory “The Devil Next Door”

Main title sequence exploratory for "The Devil Knows" feature film on Netflix -- renamed "The Devil Next Door." This series explores the trial of John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian immigrant in Ohio accused of being an infamous Treblinka death camp guard called "Ivan the Terrible." Created at Union Editorial.

Who Killed Malcolm X – Exploratory

Pitch frames for a Netflix series investigating the assassination of Malcolm X. Created at Union Editorial with Jun Lee.

Cambridge Analytica Exploratory

Pitch frames for a documentary feature film. Created at Union Editorial with Junsik Na.

Aurora – Kinetic Sculpture Exploratory

3D design and exploratory for a live kinetic sculpture: An array of LEDs suspended from the ceiling with light and movement generated by aurora footage and live human interaction. These animation tests use actual Northern Lights to generate color and light.

Serial Clue Exploratory

Pitch frames for a television docu-series. Created at Union Editorial with Roger An.

CeraVe Pitch

Pitch frames for a CeraVe Commercial created at Union Editorial.

Map Exploratory

Design exploratory for map visualization and animation. Created at Union with Junsik Na.

Money – Exploratory

Pitch frames for a TV show main title sequence. Created at Union with Sean Vickery.

Killer Films – Logo Animation Exploratory

Logo animation exploratory for Killer Films, Killer Films Media, and Killer Films Impact. Designed and animated at Union Editorial with Sean Vickery.

Chevy Cruze – Driver Assist Exploratory

Design exploratory for driver assist visualizations. Created at Union.